EUCLEIA released upgrade summary of all types of vehicles in Sep.

Eucleia has released the upgrade summary of all types of vehicles in September as the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival & National Day.

A large number of results has been developed under the full development of Eucleia’s R&D team during September. Remarkably, it has officially released oil query function, which makes it one of the highlights of Eucleia’s products. Also, it has supported to the year of 2018 of FAW VW, Shanghai VW, VW, VW Commercial Vehicles, Skoda, Seat, Audi, the new supported models are superior to some of industry peers.

In a word, Eucleia’s under a productive and fertile period for the steady effort over the past years. More special functions and models will follow in 2018!

Summarized update instructions are as follows, please update according to your needs.


I. Summary of All Types of Vehicle Upgrades in Sep.

Qorosauto V2.00 Upgrade Instructions

l Being released for the first time

l Add read fault code and clear fault code function for all systems of Qoros3 and Qoros5.


Englon V2.22 Upgrade Instructions

l Improve the fault code base of some models:

l SX7 Series: Bosch ACU system, Airbag system

l TX4 SeriesAirbag system


GEELY AUTO Emgrand V2.32 upgrade

l Improve the fault code base of some models

l NL4Add Airbag system


GreatwallV2.33 Upgrade

l Improve the fault code base of some models

l HAVAL H2ABS system, air conditioner, lamp, electric steering system

l HAVAL H6ABS system, air conditioner, vehicle body, CDdashboard system

l HAVAL H8ABS system, engine, steering system


ZzNissanV2.50 upgrade introductions

l update all basic functions;

l Add MX5,MX6,NP300,H60A,models

l update the menu of CABSTAR,NV200

l update the method of reading code

l improve all mode of KWP system

l add calculations of reading basis information

l improve all process of reading codes

l improve the basis of faulty code


FawmcV2.20 upgrade introductions

l add action test for all models

l optimized Delphi system


JonwayV2.20 upgrade introductions

l Add action test for all models


DFPVV2.20 upgrade introductions

l Add action test for all models


ChangheSuzukiV2.31 upgrade introductions

l Optimized structure;

l Update the basis of faulty code


Fawerfa V2.20 upgrade introductions

l Add action test for all models


Vw Audi Vw_SH Vw_YQ Vw_CV Skoda Skoda_SH Seat

l Support all 2018 diagnostic functions


II. Maintainance upgrade in Sep.

OilResetV2.30 upgrade introduction

Add oil reset functions to more models :

l Great Wall H2S

l Great Wall H7/H7L

l Great Wall CHB025A

l Geely GS;



l Solve the setting failed problems for VW,AUDI


V2.31 upgrade introduction

l Add more Russian

l Optimize the structure


SrsResetV1.01 upgrade introduction

l Some models SRS of BYD and Honda


Immobilizer V2.54 upgrade introduction

l Optimized CHANGAN and Honda immobilizer functions

l add Immobilizer functions for VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda


EPB ResetV2.23 upgrade introduction

l Opitimized VW EPB bug

l Optimized Hyundai EPB bug


III. Coding Upgrade

VwAudiSKodaSeatV3.01 upgrade introduction:

l Optimized the matching Channels


IV. APK Upgrade

l completed the blank menu BUG

l Optimized the display functions

l Optimized the surface of register

l add feedback functions, once connect wifi  diagnostic data will be sent to server automatically ;

l Optimized the positioning functions


V. J2534 Upgrade V2.0.6 version

l Solve the system bug of old BMW models

l solve the system bug of BMW E90 E89

The continuous update of oil query function, 2018 new models and functions, service function,etc. All which has increased the practicality of Eucleia’s products. Eucleia company will have a monthly upgrade notice. Dear customers, please maintain sustained attention.